Extending our visa in Nepal

Visa costs entering Nepal are as follows  

  • 15 Days  $25

  • 30 days $40

  • 90 Days $100

Our return flight to Bangkok was 35 days after our entry. Taking the 90 day visa and having to pay $100 just for the extra 5 days seemed crazy. After some research, I found it was possible to extend your visa once already in Nepal . This is how we did it and how much it cost. 

Take your passport and go to an immigration office in Kathmandu. Location

 Visa Computers

Visa Computers

Nepal Visa

Once you go in follow these steps :

  • Get a token from the machine at the door.

  • Fill in your visa details in the computer choosing “Visa Extention” under Visa Type.

  • Get receipt.

  • Hand the receipt and your passport in to the Visa counter who will then tell you to go and pay.

  • Go to the pay counter, and *pay the visa cost and hand in your passport. (We selected a 15 day extension which cost $30. )

  • Take a seat, and wait for them to call you with your passport with your new visa in.

Waiting for passport

*Important to note , is they don’t accept USD that have any tears in the note! They asked us for a different $20 as the one had a tear in it.

That’s it, In total it took us 45 minutes but it could take longer if it was busier. I suggest give yourself about 2 hours.

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This is info was valid at the time of writing the post ( 28 September 2018) . 

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