Get paid to have an Adventure (Not Click Bait)

Camping in Costa Rica

Did you read that correctly? Yes! It’s a real thing and this is how you do it. 

The Next Challenge is an awesome resource website for adventures. Once a year they also offer adventure grants to people who have various adventure ideas.

Last year I applied with my Beach Cruiser Around Costa Rica adventure idea and it was one of the selected ideas to get funded by The Next Challenge.

So, if you have any adventure ideas - no matter how big or small, apply at The Next Challenge and get your adventure funded or part funded by them

Cycling In Costa Rica

A few tips from someone who has won the grant before : 

Come up with a unique idea that you are excited about. Be creative. It doesn’t have to be completely crazy like SUP’ing across the Atlantic Ocean (Well done Chris Bertish btw), it can be as simple as a 24 hour non-stop walk from your house. But think of something unique - how will your application stand out from the rest. Look at some of the previous years winners to see what kind of adventures won before. 

Also, think of something you would want to do regardless if you get the grant or not. Then your head is in the right place. It’s not about the money after all, it’s about the experience!

Apply by clicking on the button below

Have you got any ideas? Let me know in the comments below.