How to make AWESOME little planet images on your phone

I have had a bunch of people ask me how I make these circle images and also how I edit them... so here it goes... 

  • Download/Open RollWorld
  • Select an image from your phone
  • Change settings until you are happy with how it looks
  • Export photo
  • Download/Open Snapseed
  • Select edited image to use in Snapseed
  • Apply 'Drama' effect 
  • Export Photo
  • Be amazed

Before that!

Just a few tips

  • RollWorld is only for Apple devices but search for 'Planet' or 'World' on Android - you will find other alternatives 
  • Using a pano photo seems to work best
  • Don't let anything touch the top of your if there is a big tree, make sure you get the whole tree in and don't cut it off
  • Clouds in the sky will make it look more awesome!
  • Play around with different types of photos...I've been amazed at the outcomes of some of my photos.

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