In the spirt of my last blog post, Less Trying. More Doing , I've decided to start working on my film making properly. I've been wanting to start some kind of project with video for years, and have not felt comfortable doing it. I have a stutter and that has always made it hard for me to speak on video etc. Besides that, I think I also felt pretty shy about putting myself out there in this kind of way. But now, my ideas for film are building up too much that I can't keep them in anymore and I'm just going to close my eyes and go for it. 

My goal for this year is to be posting 4 videos a month starting from February. You can see the first video here :

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This is really for fun for me and I am seeing it as a learning process. I look forward to creating some cool films.  If you have any suggestions or things you would like me to talk about or create films about let me know.