Freelance Services and Training

Content Creation

  • Event photography. (Example)

  • Athlete Profile Shoot. (Example)

  • Interview video filming and edit. (Example)

  • Full Promotional video for company/tour.  (Example)

  • Staff portraits and office photography.

  • Hotel/Guesthouse/Restaurant photography. (Example)

  • Hotel/Guesthouse/Restaurant promotional video. (Example)


1. Social Media and Online Marketing Training

  • 2 hour training

  • Setup and how to use Business Instagram Account

  • Setup and how to use Business Facebook Pages

  • How to use Facebook Ads for business promotion

  • Setup and use of Google Business

  • Trip Advisor Best Practices

  • Blog Posts Best Practices

  • Other Marketing strategies

  • Website best practices for SEO

2. Adobe Lightroom Training

  • 2 Hour in-detail training on how to use

  • Lightroom Overview

  • How to import images

  • Tagging and Keywords

  • Editing Images

  • Using Presets

  • Adding Images to Map

  • Creating Slideshows

  • Exporting Images for Print and for Social Media

3. Beginner Photography Course over Skype

  • 4 x 30 minute courses

  • What makes a good photograph?

  • How to make use of your camera’s features

  • How to correctly expose images

  • Aperture, shutter speed, ISO

  • Learning Composition techniques

  • How to see and developing your own style

Photo/Video Services

1. Video Editing

  • Professional video editing with Adobe Premier Pro

2. Photo Editing

  • Basic photo editing

  • Sorting and organising with keywords and rating on Adobe Lightroom