A visit to the NatGeo Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

Just came back from the Natgeo Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition in Cape Town and one idea that got reinforced again is that is it's not about what camera you shoot with. It's about your eye. I saw some shots there shot with a good old Canon 550D. At the end of the day your camera is just a tool, and what makes your images special is how you see things. Your eye. So don't get too caught up in gear hype - Canon vs Nikon vs Fuji. Mirror less vs DSLRs. Cropped vs full frame. F2.8 lenses.  Just go out and shoot what you enjoy shooting.πŸ‘ŒIt also reminds me of a quote by Jim Richardson "If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff" 😊