3 Inspirational Photography Podcasts

On the road again © Dylan Haskin

I travel a lot and often by myself. I've really come to enjoy listening to podcasts while on the road/air.  Even during my cycling adventures, I always download a bunch of podcasts to listen to on my trip. Here are my 3 favourite photography podcasts.

*The images below are not related to the podcast but just some personal favourites.


1. Photofocus *Update : PhotoPodcasts

Stellenbosch © Dylan Haskin

Photofocus have about 7 different podcasts coming out each month. My favourite is the Inspirational podcast where they talk about inspirational photographers, books and images.  *Update:  These two podcasts have now moved to

The inspiration show is hosted by Street Photographer, Marco Larousse, and Bird Photographer, Scott Bourne.  Click on their names to view their work. 

Be sure to check out the other podcasts that Photofocus host as well.

*Update : Since posting this blog, Marco and Scott have gone off on their own and created PhotoPodcasts . Be sure to check out their new podcast here :


2. The Perceptive Photographer

Read © Dylan Haskin

Photography and Philosophy. Two of my favourite things! I love these 10min weekly podcasts by Daniel Gregory. Each episode always leave me feeling inspired.

3. The Candid Frame

Cold river in Bhutan © Dylan Haskin

My favourite of them all. This podcast is mostly interviews with working photographers. It's always inspiring to listen to artists who are really passionate about what they do!

Big thanks to Marco Larousse who introduced me to these podcasts.


Do you have any suggestions on inspirational photography podcasts? I would love to add more to my list!