A creative collaboration

These past couple of weeks, Megan and I have been working on various creative projects. From playing with improv, writing poems, creating an educational YouTube channel, drawing and creating clip-art to chatting about ancient creative concepts. It's been so much fun to play with creativity with her like that. 

One morning a few weeks ago while watching the sunrise, Megan felt the urge to write and she wrote this poem.  We decided to turn it into a short video and a few days later, drove to a near by beach and created this.   

If you hang on past the end of the video, there are some behind the scenes clips of the making of the video. 

Here are the words that Megan wrote : 

I am infinite, pure magic.
A giant ball of fire is rising before my eyes and radiating warmth that my cells rejoice in.
I feel its stillness, its effortlessness We are one.
Its slow movement, its purpose none other that to simply exist.
I see my reflection in this
we have the same purpose
only I forget where it does not.

We aren't sure exactly where we are going with all of this creativity, but for now we are playing with it and having a lot of fun. 



Written 4th of August in Quang Ngai, Vietnam