Around Costa Rica on a Beach Cruiser

It's been a little over a year since cycling a BMX 1650km across the Himalayas and I've had itchy feet for a new adventure since the day I came back from it.

This year I've decided to keep the single-speed, but trading my 20" wheels for 26" and I'm cycling a Beach Cruiser about 1800km around Costa Rica.

Why a beach cruiser?!

I found this question hard to answer when I cycled the BMX last year too. Why would I want to make something so much harder for myself? I think I have a few reasons. 

  • I want to prove to myself I can do it. I love coming up with challenges for myself and doing it.
  • I also want to encourage people that adventures are accessible to anyone. You don't need specialized expensive gear to have an adventure. Just take what you have and go! *Obviously at some point gear is really important like in really cold conditions or rock climbing, but there are adventures out there that don't need much. 
  • To encourage the thinking that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You CAN do it.
  • Lastly - don't take life (and yourself) too seriously. There are adventurers out there who do extreme things and portray themselves as a real 'Adventurer'.  And I'm sure they can steal a salmon from a grizzly bear, walk solo to the North Pole, or start a fire by striking a rock against their beard, but to me there always seems to be this 'ridiculous' aspect to an adventure. I mean, they are all ridiculous aren't they? Chris Bertish is currently SUPing across the Atlantic Ocean - that's pretty bad ass! But its also totally ridiculous right?! Good on him! 

What's new about this adventure

Other than the different bicycle, I've also decided to take a tent and cooking gear with and not make use of any accommodation as we did last year. It was not really possible to order in, or carry the gear needed in Bhutan on the BMX so we needed to rely on local accommodation, but this year, I can make it work in Costa Rica. 

Guess who is joining me?

A few things have changed since last year: We have moved from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and now live in Costa Rica. And we have adopted a rescue pup here named Charlie. She has really been a little blessing in our lives and is really part of our family.

I'm also really excited that Megan expressed an interest in joining me this year and a friend of ours was kind enough to let Megan use her bicycle which we are really grateful for! After reading the cycling touring blog Long Haul Trekkers , a couple who are cycling all over the world with their dog, we realized that taking Charlie with us would be possible too!

Around Costa Rica by Beach Cruiser

After taking Megans bike and the trailer for a test ride, I'm not sure who has it harder - a single speed beach cruiser , or pulling Charlie in the trailer! Hat's off to Megan - she is super brave!

Winning an Adventure Grant!

The lastly, I just want to say a huge thank you to Tim Moss and everyone who contributed towards The Next Challenge Grant. I'm was so excited to find out I was one of the recipients of the grant towards my adventure idea and other than cost of our gear, the daily costs of the trip is being covered by them.  

Do check out their website ( and if you are planning an adventure and would like to apply for a grant, keep an eye on their site as they offer grants annually. Super cool!

Follow our Adventure

As this is definitely not the only bicycle trip we are going to do together with Charlie and have some big future plans, we decide to create a page on Facebook and an Instagram account where you can follow the adventures. 

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