Due South & Photo work update

The past two months exploring Costa Rica and Panama have been incredible. I've met some awesome people and experienced kindness from strangers like I never have before. Charlie has been coping well, although the heat here has been tough on both of us. It basically became ridiculous to even try cycling between 10am and 3pm so we have been working around those times to get the km in.   Charlie has experienced so many new things like border crossings, speed boat rides, ferry rides, learning how to walk on a yacht marina's dock, living on a boat for 10 days, climbing apartment stairs, going up elevators, and has met countless dog friends along the way.

Big thanks to Pancho, Steve, Dian, Humberto, Salomon, Alisia, Daniel, Eric, Victor, Chris, Kate and Rufus, and anyone else whose names I didn't get, for your unforgettable kindness. 

Short clip of Charlie and I cruising between Volcan and Boquete in Panama 

I'm taking a break from riding for the next two weeks to go do some photography work. I'll be documenting Heather Jackson during Iron Man World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  This kind of work is right up my alley and I'm still pinching myself that this opportunity came up. During the past two months cycling and taking a break from social media, my creativity has seemed to be overflowing. I even started writing Haikus! So I'm really excited to let it all free during the next two weeks.

Due South Cycle

It's strange how things work out. I often feel lost when it comes to the business side of photography work. Lost in the sense that I don't have a formula to get work. It seems to work out in a way that I could never have planned.  But here I am, flying out to Hawaii for photography work and I couldn't be more grateful. 

What's happening with Charlie while I'm out taking photos in Hawaii? Well she is going to be living the life in Panama City with Humberto who is a pro dog walker and trainer.  She has already made a bunch of dog friends, including a cat, in the past few days we have been staying with him. Check out his instagram account hea.panama

Due South

Once Hawaii is done, the plan is to head to Colombia by boat as there is no road from Panama. Thanks to De Bruyn Joubert, I just found out today that South African's now need to pre-apply for visa's to enter Colombia so that's the next logistical hurdle to tackle in the next few days. Should be fun!

You can see some behind the scenes images I've been posting on the Photo Dispatch page on my site. 

Cheers for now.

Due South