How to convert MP4 - MOV footage for VideoBlocks (StoryBlocks)

For the past 3 years, I’ve only used Shutterstock to sell stock footage but I’ve recently joined Storyblocks/Videoblocks to branch out and try a different service provider as well .

The main difference is when submitting 1080p footage : Videoblocks only accept MOV files.  Shutterstock accepts both MP4 and MOV 1080p files. (Both sites accept MP4 and MOV 4K footage).

Some of my 1080p footage was in MP4 and I needed to convert it. I mailed Storyblocks to find out the best Adobe Premier Pro export settings to convert my 1080p MP4 files to MOV and this is what they came back with as recommended settings . 

The best route would be to set a custom preset and to choose one of our accepted video codecs:

Photo-JPEG (quality level between 75 and 90)
Motion JPEG A
Motion JPEG B
Apple ProRes 422
Apple ProRes 4444
H.264 (minimum bitrate of 50,000 kbps)
Files with alpha channels must use Animation or PNG codec.
— Storyblocks

This is how I set it up on my MacBook. You can also download that preset by clicking the button below these instructions.

Export settings (Mac)


Select Format


Select QuickTime


Click Video Codec

Choose Apple ProRes 422


Click Match Source

That's it, once you have done that you can export your video.

Second option is to download my preset here

Install Preset


Select Import Preset


Select downloaded file


Click OK

That’s it ! Thanks to Brian Muller from Storyblocks for the conversion info.

Hope that’s helpful to someone who has started uses Storyblocks/Videoblocks