Less trying. More doing.

Starting off 2018 by catching the first sunrise of the year. Panama City, Panama

Starting off 2018 by catching the first sunrise of the year. Panama City, Panama

Lately, I have been very aware of the words I use when I speak.  I noticed how often I would say ‘try’ . I really want to try to make it as a photographer. Try and land that client. Try to be a good person. Try to be more grateful. Try to be fit and healthy.  Try to make the right decision. 

A lot of the books I have read lately have spoken about ‘trying’.  When I do things that are natural, do I try and do them or do I just do them? Breathing. Walking. Moving my hand to pick up something. Admiring a sunset. These are not things I try to do. I just do them.

When I tried to feel grateful it was not authentic. It was trying to do it. Experiencing gratitude is different. It’s real. It’s done without trying.  Trying to do something seems to have this extra unnecessary step.  When I try something, it’s trying that caused the block. It’s trying that causes the effort. 

Not trying doesn’t mean not doing. It doesn’t mean sitting there doing nothing. 

I laughed so much when I remember that part of forgetting Sarah Marshall when the surf instructor is explaining how to surf. 

Perhaps that was just meant to be a joke, but it’s really exactly what I'm talking about. When I learned to surf 2 years ago, I realised that when I tried to catch a wave - in other words, my mind was trying to do things right, is when I struggled. When I let go, didn’t over think, and just did it, is when I would catch the wave. 

When I find myself struggling to do something, I often notice how it is when I am ‘trying’ to do it that I struggle. When I let go, and stop trying, is when things fall into place. 

If at first you don't succeed, stop trying, let go,  and just do it.