My camera set-up for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

We just finished the Annapurna Base Camp trek a few days ago and after 11 days of hiking, I’m adjusting back into the swing of things. Thought I’d share a short post about the gear I took and what shots I got with those lens.

This is what I took with me :

Why not my drone?


I considered it, but after reading some blogs mentioning people now getting arrested for flying in the Annapurna area, I decided not to. Also, once on the actual trek I’m glad I didn’t bring it! Almost every tea house had a sign like this on. There are helicopters flying, very low, in and out of the valley a few times a day. It’s one thing risking being busted flying a drone where you aren’t supposed to, but risking taking down a helicopter because you want to get a few shots is not worth it. So, my Mavic Air stayed at the hotel.

Here are some of my favourite shots taken with each lens

Rokinon 8mm Fisheye

By looking at the amount of photos I kept from each lens on Lightroom, It’s clear to see that the 23mm was the most used lens and if I had to take only one, it would be that one. Each of the other lenses did capture something unique too though and I’m happy I took them along as well.

Lightroom Metadata

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