My First Roll of Film

I took this photo using the Pentax K1000 when I spotted another one in the window of a camera store in Bangkok. this one however was not for sale.

A few days before we left South Africa I bought my dad the film camera he started out photography with as a gift - the Pentax K1000. He was going to visit us in Bangkok on our way to Bhutan so the plan was to give it to him there.  I really wanted to give it a go before I gave it to him as Iā€™d never shot a roll of film before so I took it for a spin in Bangkok the day before he arrived.

I converted some of the images to black and white. Would have loved to have used a black and white film but the standard Fuji ISO 400 film was all that I could find in the time I had

The camera came with a 50mm F2 lens and I bought a roll of Fuji ISO400 film for it as it was the only film I could find in the short time I had. 

Everything is manual on the camera - the shutter speed, aperture and the focus so it was great to test out my photography knowhow! I was still pretty relieved to see I managed to get some shots that where in focus and more or less exposed correctly. 

Confused tourists

Love the pink taxi's in Bangkok

Spiderman dropping in. 

My favourite shot from the roll

Until I am able to get my own film camera, I thought of simulating that feeling with my DSLR every now and then. Switch the display off.  Shoot on Manual. Manual focus. Fix the ISO to either 100/200/400. Then go out and only shoot 36 images and only look at those images on your computer later that evening/day.  A photo challenge perhaps?