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Monday afternoon. 

I’m sitting on a couch in Humberto’s apartment in Panama City. Charlie has her two back legs on the ground and has her head buried in the back cushions of the couch trying to get her toy that got stuck there somehow. The rain just stopped and the sun is evaporating the water which makes the air feel pretty humid. I’ve been staying here for the past two weeks and have been exploring ideas of what is next.  I don’t know if ‘next’ is really the right word - but something like that. It's looking like Panama City is going to be my base for the next few months.

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Panama City Skyline
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Since I started the bike trip,  I’ve been enjoying writing and I’m going to be using my blog to post more often. It’s not just going to be photography/adventure related, but also my thoughts and feelings as I’m experiencing this version of life.  Writing down my thought’s helps get it out of my mind sometimes and these posts are definitely not aimed at giving any kind of advice, but more sharing my experiences and thoughts.  

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I have wanted to write before, but never felt comfortable putting anything out there that I felt wasn’t ‘correct’ or ‘right’ or ‘neatly polished off’.  These posts are going to be pretty raw in that sense.  I feel just starting and doing it will help improve my writing rather than waiting for it to be ‘good’ before I post anything. 

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- Photos taken around Panama City the past few days as part of my Instagram Story.