Gamboa - Abandoned. Ebook

Gamboa - Abandoned. Ebook


A personal photography project documenting the abandoned buildings and atmosphere in the town of Gamboa, in Panama.

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In this age where we consume content faster than Charlie eats a can of tuna, I've created a downloadable eBook with the idea of slowing down the consumption of some of my work. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, find a comfortable chair and enjoy paging through this project. 


Gamboa, Abandoned

Gamboa is a small town along the banks of the Panama Canal. What used to be a small residential area used by the United States in the 50s while working on the canal, is now being used by scientists from all over the world as a place to study and conduct research projects.

Although people still live here, I get the feeling of abandonment. Many of the old buildings have been left to fall down by themselves. Nature is starting to take it's own back. The beautiful theatre is months away from begin a pile of rubble.  I spent a few days walking around Gamboa documenting Abandoned Gamboa and this is what I saw. 

This project is best viewed on a device with a large screen.